The event took place on 04.06.2013, organized by the publication edited by the Romanian Foundation for Business Intelligence

It was a pilot event, included in a series of meetings, designed to coagulate a nucleus of people and organizations and to lay the foundations for collaborative partnerships. The workshop the Innovation - path for success of companies in Romania submitted for debate the challenges and trends with regard to the importance of innovation in the business environment and the identify development opportunities through innovation in the north-east region .

The coordinator of the project, Mr Florin Burtă invited the audience in the Ana Aslan hall, made available by Center for the support and development of business Ideo, Iasi.

Here, the organizers created the conditions interaction with the representatives of some consulting companies of academic environment, of relevant associations and with other specialists who have supplied concrete cases of business, demonstrating how positive experience in innovation can become a strategic instrument to optimize their business performance.

In the event they have been subjected to discussion the following items:

Innovation and regional development - Communication Manager and Business Development Cooperation ADR north-east, Gabriela Macoveiu The importance of innovation in the development of a firm – Manager Access Project Investment, State AMCOR, Dana Ghinet

Finance Solutions for innovation of European funds - Manager Access Project Investment, member AMCOR, Dana Ghinet

Innovation in management – Blue Ocean StrategyManager Daris Consulting, Dan Schipor

Technical Innovation - collaborative solutions for product innovation – President National Institute of inventors Iasi, Boris Plahteanu

Tools for the protection of intellectual property – coordinator PATLIB Iasi (Regional Center to promote the protection of Intellectual Property), department of the National Institute of inventors, Mircea Frunză

Unfortunately the supporting of the theme "Human resource, business partner in stimulation of innovation and creativity" has been declined with very little time before the event by Mr Dan Berindei, regional director for Eastern Europe at LIM Leadership in International Management.

At the event were granted by the drawing of lots volumes on specific topics, which are offered by our partners Publica Editure, as well as free consultancy tickets for an hour offered by our speakers partners.

The dialog between speakers and attendees have been freely, both in the presentations and subsequently. Entrepreneurs were seeking ways by which may generate value and how they are able to attract financial and human resources.

The results obtained through collaboration with partners having vision and similar or complementary objectives.

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