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‘17 CROSS-CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE. Interactions between Law, Education, Tourism & Culture. – SEA 12 International Conference, 8th – 9th of July 2017, Constanta

[tabs direction="top" tab1="INFO" tab2="COMMITTEES" tab3="OPENING CEREMONIES" tab4="PRESENTATIONS" tab5="POSTERS" tab6="SPONSOR"] [tab1] [table td1="DATE" td2="8th – 9th of July 2017"] [td1] ORGANIZED BY [/td1] [td2] THE ROMANIAN FOUNDATION FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, Events Department OVIDIUS UNIVERSITY OF CONSTANTA, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences [/td2] [td1] LOCATION [/td1] [td2] University Campus, Building A (headquarters Aleea Universității, No. 1) [/td2] [td1]…
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