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Our Topics

  • Economics: International economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Empirical investigation, History of Economics, European Integration, Criticisms of assumptions, Economic Informatics;
  • Management: Innovation Management, Change Management, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Service Management, Corporate Governance, Labor Management, Quality Management, Strategic Management, Project Management, Production Management, Logistics, Management best practices;
  • Marketing, Commerce and Tourism;
  • Anthropology;
  • Religious Studies;
  • Medicine;
  • Sociology;
  • Psychology;
  • Communication studies;
  • Arts;
  • Literature;
  • Linguistics;
  • Education;
  • Philosophy;
  • Political Science;
  • Mathematics;
  • Space Science;
  • Physics;
  • Engineering;
  • Computer Science;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Human geography;
  • History;
  • Law;
  • Design;
  • Agricultural Science;
  • Geoscience.

Our Mission

Seopenresearch strives to provide an open platform to facilitate and mediate collaboration on multiple levels between education and the business sector, to promote the simple exchange of ideas and collaborative innovation.

Our goal is to facilitate close collaboration between education, business and culture sector. Our activity will help you to create and support a high performance in organization through external collaboration, connecting the academic environment and the private one.

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Meet Our Work Team

  • Cristian MARIN

    FUNDRAISING MANAGER.   In 2014 We indexed the journal in other...


    MANUSCRIPT EDITOR.   We welcome submissions based on all methodological, applied...

  • Alexandru MITROFAN

    MEDIA EDITOR.   Our Team encourages trans- and multidisciplinary scientific research...

  • Adina Roxana MUNTEANU

    SENIOR EDITOR.   Doctor in domeniul Administrarii Afacerilor, are ca subiecte...


    LANGUAGE ADVISORY.   The success and popularity enjoyed by "Cross-Cultural Management...

  • Carmen NISTOR

    EDITOR.   Before joining the team of Romanian Foundation for Business...