Scientific Abstract Submission

Each entry can have a maximum of three authors, including the presenting author. Please state the full name (no initials) and surname of each author, as well as all relevant affiliations. Abstract authors' names and affiliations should be filled in the appropriate fields. Co-authors will be presented in all Conference materials in the order specified by you.

Before completing this section, please note the following:

The title should be short and to objectively describe the abstract.

Abstracts must contain at least 100 words but should not exceed 160 words.
Abstracts must include details about originality, relevance, innovation, results and practical applications of the study undertaken.
Abstracts will be accepted only correctly written English without grammatical or spelling errors. If the article is in French or Romanian, the abstract must be only in English.
Abstracts must be written as simple text format (no tables, graphs or pictures).

All authors must pay the registration fee after receiving acceptance regarding the validation summary for the conference.

Please follow layout examples below (lower / higher letters, punctuation between words or numbers etc.).
It is necessary to complete all form fields. For fields that do not apply (e.g. second author, third author, voucher or affiliate URL code) use the "-" sign.

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1. Select an option for the dissemination of the article (required):
One or more authors attend the conference for oral presentation of their articleI will not attend the conference but I will send a poster or video material for disseminationI will not be attending the conference and want only the publication of the article

2. If you selected that you'll be ”attending the conference” or ”send a poster / video for dissemination”, please select the event that interest you:

Each item can be scored just for a field of science, it is the responsibility of the person who entered the abstract to choose the most suitable area. Organizers will make every effort to reassign the abstracts that are not entered in the fair field, but this is not always possible. People who enroll abstracts must take into account that employment in an unsuitable area may affect the granted summary score during the evaluation, so the result of the selection process.

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