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‘16 SEA 10 Economic Experiences, 17th – 18th of November 2016, Transilvania University of Brasov

SEA 10 Organized by: THE ROMANIAN FOUNDATION FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, Events Department TRANSILVANIA UNIVERSITY OF BRAȘOV, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration THE ROMANIAN ACADEMY, Commission in charge with the study of marketing problems, Iași Branch Location: The venue of the SEA 10 International Conference was the Transilvania University of Brasov at International Conference Centre.…
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‘16 Rethinking Global Space, Culture and Change in Organizations, 13th – 14th of May 2016, Iași

The SEA 8 International Conference was designed to review many of the aspects of the multidisciplinary debates, highlighting both the theoretical and practical research on cross-cultural aspects. These meetings are designed to address and enhance the understanding of significant issues in Social Sciences and Humanities Research, issues that are at the heart of regional and international…
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‘16 THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CROSS-CULTURAL COMPETENCE, 15th – 16th of April 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

HUB 3.0 FRIA (The Romanian Foundation for Business Intelligence) together with its national and international partners have developed the HUB 3rd edition. The SEA, NORD or HUB Conference changes its location in a dynamic way during the 2013 - 2016, in line with our partners’ expectations and available locations. HUB 3.0 “THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CROSS-CULTURAL…
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