Network Intelligence Studies
Bianual Journal of a Collaborative and Innovative conscience
The Science of Collaborative and Innovative potential

Periodicity: 2 times a year
Access: free online access
ISSN-L: 2344 – 1712
Language in which the articles can be written: English
Online English version:

The “Network Intelligence Studies” journal is supporting the needs of collaboration for individuals, commercial organizations, faculties, ONG’s, communities, in order to generate valuable and innovative results for humanity as a whole.
We welcome submissions based on all methodological, applied or theoretical aspects; and we are especially interested in receiving papers that meet the following topics:
• Science, Technology and Innovation Studies;
• Systems, Services & Design;
• Open and Distributed Innovation;
• Sharing Economy, Interorganizational Innovation;
• Business Model Innovation;
• Diffusion of Innovation
• Future of Cities

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