The selected or published articles are disseminated in the SEA NETWORK or in our CONFERENCES.

  1. The SEA NETWORK (http://network.seaopenresearch.eu) is a social network where you will share knowledge, find researchers on various topics that share their knowledge, creating articles, uploading photos and adding videos. Sign in on ”SEA Network” and fill ”My information”, ”About You” and upload photos.
  1. CONFERENCES (http://conference.seaopenresearch.eu)

The selected articles can be disseminated in the SEA (Share. Empower. Awareness.) Conference series and NORD (Networking, Observing, Rethinking & Disrupting) Conference series.

The Events aims to bring together academic scientists, business leaders, professionals to exchange and share their creative and innovative ideas, approaches, strategies and research results; they discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. SEA and NORD are friendly conference series that aim to encourage and support early career researchers.

The SEA and NORD conferences have the following aims:
– to act as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research ideas;
– to promote active collaboration amongst researchers from diverse basic disciplines;
– to provide a framework in which postgraduate students can see their work in a national context;
The conferences are held in a different location each year.

The mechanism of the dissemination:


- You can send research papers to be debated by SEA NETWORK researchers, before the publication or summaries for future articles. For discussion, the summary of the article or a presentation, representative ideas or a photo can be uploaded from your account. To upload, use “My Panel” - “Add a post” in SEA NETWORK profile.
In order to be sent for scientific assessment to be published in their logs mentioned above, the articles must have a number of minimum 10 discussions and comments from different authors enrolled on SEA NETWORK. Comments may come from third parties registered as users, but they would not be count for the validation of its publication.


- Submit an abstract and a paper before the deadline specified for each conference. After the selection of articles, next step is:
- Registration to make a presentation on the conference. The paper will be published on the journals.
The sending of the articles and the registration must be done before the deadline specified for each conference. For more details see: http://conference.seaopenresearch.eu

Related Journals:

- ”SEA – Practical application of science” (sea.bxb.ro) – a journal in English with multidisciplinary approach, so we invite you to send articles, researchers in such fields as: Economy, Management, Marketing, Anthropological research, Studies of communication, Sociology, Psychology, Political sciences, Linguistics, Education, Human geography, History and Law;

- ”Cross-Cultural Management Journal” (cmj.bxb.ro) – a journal in English focusing on intercultural issues;

- ”Management Intercultural” (mi.bxb.ro) - a journal in Romanian focusing on intercultural issues;

- ”Network Intelligence Studies” (nis.bxb.ro) – a journal with specific character in the field of collaborative innovation intra and inter-organizational;

All articles are indexed BDI, in accordance with the list on the web address of each publications.

Also, the articles may be presented as posters or powerpoint within the following SEA conferences (http://conference.bxb.ro). The authors who will want dissemination conferences article in the SEA, will be enrolled in the program and will receive diploma of participation.


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