Step I – How to prepare your paper for submission?


Authors should submit a paper in English, French or Romanian, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, addressing one or several of the conference areas or topics. Even if the article is written in French or Romanian, the title, the abstract and keywords will be translated into English.

Only original papers should be submitted. Authors are advised to make sure that their submissions do not substantially overlap work which has been published elsewhere or simultaneously submitted to a journal or another conference with proceedings.

Publication Ethics - Penalty against Plagiarism
We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated. Papers that contain any form of plagiarism will be rejected without reviews.

Each article can have a maximum of three authors, including the presenting author. The number of pages is limited to 7 ( figures and tables not included).

You need to consider topics in advance related to ethical requirements, open access options for each journal, copyright and funding body agreements. The guide for funding can be found on each conference's homepage (

Before you begin

Read Author Guidelines. It contains requirements specifically for the conference or deadline you want to submit to. You will find information about:

  • article structure
  • abstract
  • highlights
  • keywords
  • accepted formats for artwork and data sources.

Abstracts must contain at least 100 words but should not exceed 160 words.
Abstracts must include details about originality, relevance, innovation, results and practical applications of the study undertaken.
Abstracts must be written as simple text format (no tables, graphs or pictures).

Author Guidelines

Paper Template

Statement of Originality

For publication, articles must be accompanied by the Statement of Originality that you can print from below. The declaration signed and scanned color will be sent along with the article.

Statement of Originality


Step II – How to submit your paper?


Submission method: Electronic Submission System ; ( .docx)

Transmission of articles shall be made by the deadline, through by form ”Submit a Manuscript” , as a file .docx (.doc files are not accepted) named after the first author's name as "first name.last name.doc". If multiple items will be sent the same first author, they will be numbered as "first name.last name1.doc" "first name.last name2.doc" "first name.last name3.doc" etc.

Submit a manuscript

After the paper submission has been successfully completed, authors will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

After submitting a paper it will be peer-reviewed
Reviewers, acknowledged experts in their fields, are appointed by the journal editor. Peer review has two key functions:

  • To act as a filter and determine the validity, significance and originality of the work to ensure only good research is published.
  • To improve the quality of research submitted for publication by giving reviewers the opportunity to suggest improvements.

First notification of Acceptance/ Rejection of abstracts by e-mail and by "News" on the homepage of the conference website: : Within 10 days.

Acceptance means that the article will be included in the conference program and will be published in one of the journals mentioned or conference volume.


Step III What are the steps involved in publishing the paper in a journal?


Check status of your submitted paper or accepted article.

After submission

  • You must follow the status of your submitted paper by e-mail provided at the submission.

After acceptance

  • If your paper is accepted for publication you can follow the publication status until the final version. You have to answer in the shortest time to requests for revision of the article in preparation for publication


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