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Since 1999
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ISSN-L: 2286 – 0452


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Cross-Cultural Management Journal (CMJ) is published exclusively in English. CMJ is supporting the need for intercultural collaboration of the private sector, the academic and the administrative one. The first edition of the Journal of “Management Intercultural” (MI) appeared in late 1999, in November, under the supervision of prof. Dumitru Zait, the founder of the journal.

Our mission is to create a platform for collaborative research and practical application of research results in which the entire academic community but also the economic sector, feel welcome. In this context, we encourage the creation of bridges between different spheres of knowledge by creating an intercultural awareness.

With articles on a wide range of topics like intercultural and inter-organizational innovation, elements of management theory, policies   & human resources  management,   entrepreneurship & international business anthropology, intercultural mixing performance, intercultural knowledge management, intercultural training methodology, the Cross-Cultural Management Journal is captivating the readers.

 The journal hosts articles written by authors coming from the academic and the business sector or from the administrative field.



Cross-cultural mixing performance

Cross-cultural knowledge management

Cross-cultural communication and relationship management

Cross-cultural aspects in interorganizational collaboration

Cross-cultural training methodology


Studies in theology, ethics and culture

Cross-cultural and interorganizational innovation

Diversity, values and norms of work: cultural foundations

Policies & human resources management, professional identity

Elements of management theory

Entrepreneurship and international business

Business and intercultural relations

Literary studies, Applied modern languages and Communication

Arts, Education & Humanities

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